Located in beautiful Lancaster County, we are a business that is very dedicated to our many furry friends.2pups

Our inspiration came from our own two pups, Minnie and Jaxon. They are loved so dearly and we want to be able to provide them with the best. The ingredients that are in our treats are all safe, natural, human grade, and TASTY for our best friends. Two Pup Pastries that come out of our kitchen have all been hand crafted by a culinary trained professional.

All of our treats are lab-tested and we are fully licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.


Dave Bryson
 is a partner in Two Pups Pastries and has always has been a gifted narrator of the world around him – and of his own condition. Dave has ALS, and despite the challenges of this relentless disease, he continues to conduct himself with humor and intelligence. He’s demonstrated those qualities his whole life – and he continues to be Dave.

 ALS continues its relentless advance and Dave is struggling with communicating the most basic needs of comfort, nutrition and hygiene from his family, friends and medical staff. You can help by clicking here.

ABC27 TV News Story about Dave


Below are the Retail Locations where our treats can be purchased.


       STORE                                                   ADDRESS                                              PHONE
A Pooch Parlor                                1200 Corporate Blvd., Lancaster                       717-285-5826
Animal Crackers                              754 E Main St., Ephrata                                    717-738-8033
Best Furry Friends                           955 N State St. (Green Dragon), Ephrata          717-341-7794
Christa’s Best Dog Treats                 Middletown Saturday’s Market
G&G Feed & Supply                        290 S Oak St., Manheim                                   717-665-5001
John Herr’s Village Market              25 Manor Ave., Millersville                              717-872-5457
Lancaster Brewing Company           302 Plum St., Lancaster                                    717-391-6258
Lemon Street Market                        241 Lemon St., Lancaster                                 717-826-0843
Neffsville Vet Clinic                         2555 Lititz Pk., Neffsville                                 717-569-5381
Paw Print Gifts                                 53 E Main St., Lititz                                         717-626-0080
Paw Prints Pet Supply                       3523 Old Philadelphia Pk., Intercourse           717-929-0217
Shady Maple Farm Market               1324 Main St., East Earl                                  717-354-4981
Shady Maple Gift Shop                    129 Toddy Dr., East Earl                                  717-354-8222
Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill                    1050 Lititz Pk., Lititz                                       717-627-7654
Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill                    301 Rohrerstown Rd., Lancaster                      717-397-4717
That Fish Place-That Pet Place        237 Centerville Rd., Lancaster                         717-299-5691
Veranda Salon & Spa                       2215 Dutch Gold Dr., Lancaster                       717-396-8580